Datacenterra Strives To Make A Positive Contribution To The Environment


Datacenterra strives to help apps find their best hosting environment. Datacenterra provides green colocation solutions. Datacenterra is a safe place to manage the blockchain infrastructure. The data center is equipped to meet any challenges that may arise. Datacenterra was recently announced as the winner of The DCD Global ECO Sustainability Award. Datacenterra was honored for changing the economics of colocation by using innovative techniques. Datacenterra was previously honored as The DCS Colocation and Hosting Provider Of The Year. Datacenterra was honored for using renewable hydroelectric energy and free air cooling.

Mission Statement

Datacenterra believes that the model for storing data needs improvement. The city centre locations are too expensive and the power grids are not reliable. Datacenterra is aware of the recent technological advancements that have driven big data and The Internet of Things. Data centre designs have become inefficient and potentially harmful to the environment. Using Datacenterra allows companies to increase their up-time and scalability. Datacenterra is primed to meet the demands as telecom prices fall and electricity prices rise.

Colocation Hosting

Companies rely on growing data to store, process, and analyze. Companies expect their data to be handled in ways that benefit them financially, but also helps the environment. Many companies have created different classes of hosting environments.


Every Datacenterra rack has multiple power feeds. The rack supplies different connections, with the phases helping to balance out the strain on the main bus-bars. Datacenterra can handle the inbound and outbound shipping, while also helping companies operate their data centre services. The cabinets have vented steel doors that allow for maximum air flow. The cabinets adhere to the standards that are enforced by The European Union.


Datacenterra uses fibre providers that give off entry points to different rooms. Any cross connections, cabling, and maintenance is done by the staff. The bandwidth is unlimited, as the fibres are lit whenever it is necessary.


Datacenterra has a construction and operation experts team that helps companies create their green data centre project in an efficient and inexpensive manner. Datacenterra has developed partnerships with different service providers and contractors. That has lead to companies receiving substantial financial advantages due to working with Hydro 66.

Remote Hands and Eyes

Hydro 66’s remote hands services are delivered through a team of engineers. The engineers provide around the clock assistance to help companies with their remote management strategies. Datacenterra is committed to helping companies improve their up-time and reach all of their goals. Hydro 66’s engineers can help move equipment, extend patch cables, install cabling, take inventory, and provide visual certifications.

System Integrators

Datacenterra believes that North America is the perfect place for data centres. Datacenterra has designed a full range of service solutions that should appeal to companies and help them earn a profit. The growth in data sizes has helped companies produce large amounts of data in a timely manner. Companies can access information quicker and also save money on storage and computing. Partnering with Datacenterra allows companies to maximize the potential of their HPC platforms.

Enterprise Colocation

Datacenterra wants to distribute the operational responsibility to different product and service teams. That would leave more time for engineers to devote to developing different revenue driving services.


Asian hosting Solutions by a company headquartered in Hong Kong.  These China hosting Solutions helps companies with their cloud computing, outsourcing, system development, and e-commerce.

USA hosting providers off low power rates, affordable colocation and mining hosting for cryptocurrencies and evaluation support. Companies who have worked with have seen their efficiency improve over time.

Bitcoin Mining Hosts

Datacenterra helps miners get mining hosting in the USA for data center provider quotes, and provides the power you need. The turnkey equipment hosting plans at Datacenterra have been specifically designed to be safe, and meet your mining needs. We have made the commitment to provide you with a mining solution that is safe, so you can place your focus on increasing your cryptocurrency wealth.

Your equipment is hosted by the leaders in data center providers, with world-class facilities based in the United States. Our Safe Equipment pledge ensures you will be provided with a guarded facility that is both secure and safe 24/7, fast installation, safe power, careful handling and installation, and equipment content insurance coverage. You will additionally receive a fire suppression system, safe inventory control, a safe temperature-controlled environment and the right to remove equipment at any time.

Your equipment runs with a constant high-speed internet connection and 99.99 percent uptime. Our Safe Power pledge ensures you receive safe mining, multiple internet providers, safe backup generators, environmentally-friendly hydro-power, a safe UPS system and a reliable and stable U.S. power grid.

As our customer, you will have full control of your equipment settings via remote. You are in charge of the currency you choose to mine, the wallet used for your currency deposits, and where you want to mine.

The benefits you will receive from your Safe Mining pledge are zero mining fees from Datacenterra, geopolitical stability, U.S. legal protection, self-managed mining pool accounts with no fees from Datacenterra, a safe, U.S. based Datacenterra operation, the ability to switch among 3rd-party pools and safe firewall protection with a safe network.