Mining The Bitcoin Boom With Datacenterra


As Crypto currencies swipe through financial transactions across the world, clients are on the lookout for bitcoin mining packages. Datacenterra is a company seeking to take advantage of this growing market. With the experience and skills that are adapted to the unique challenges and requirements of the nascent bitcoin mining industry, the company’s colocation services are guaranteed to provide clients with a straightforward pricing structure, rapid transactions, and systems that are easily accessible.

The Datacenterra Model

With a pricing program that comes in at $69-$120 per monthly kW, the Datacenterra model provides immediate access, no wait required.

For that price, their comprehensive list of services includes free installation, free access to remote technicians and help, and a mission that caters directly to the miners themselves.

All this, and Datacenterra guarantees to have your colocation services live in under 48 hours.

Secure Data Centers
Datacenterra currently has two live data centers supplying bitcoin miners with a host of services designed to fit any essential requirements. Both centers are located in Chicago Illinois and Las Vegas Nevada.

Data Center 1
Bitcoin Mining Colocation Data Center 1 is the more secure of the two centers, This was a formerly a military facility and comes with all the infrastructure one would expect of the US Defense Department. This includes a vigorous set of security features like separated power grids, generators, redundant ISP’s, a private fiber network, layered access and two-factor authentication, and the constant eye of security, on-site.


The facility meets all HIPAA regulations for privacy and is audited by the SSAE-16.

Data Center 2

Bitcoin Mining Colocation
Mining Colocation

Bitcoin Mining Colocation Data Center 2 was created to meet the growing need for scalability in the Crypto economy. The site meets the needs of growing clients. Site 2 was designed for easy access; clients can walk-in, but the facility still maintains a strong security apparatus, including private cages and a physical security team.


In addition to our above mentioned Bitcoin mining farm facilities we also have a network of over 600 worldwide data centers that will compete to offer you a quote as well on Bitcoin mining colocation and Cryopto mining colocation.