Cryptocurrency Mining Hosting and Colocation Made Simpler


Cryptocurrency is the future. Those who understand this and take the proper steps will benefit greatly and those who do not, will not. It’s time to get into cryptocurrency and dedicated to crypto mining.


The problem that most people run into when trying to get into the game is power and cooling. Being able to deliver consistent power and cooling to your GPU or ASIC Mining Rig is crucial to being productive. There are certain things you simply cannot make or do at home effectively and mining falls into that description.


Thankfully, Datacenterra offers a Cryptocurrency Colocation service. This means that you can use their secure facility as a mine location. This ensure your equipment is always properly supplied adequate amounts of power, as well as is cooled. This is a great service for anybody who’s begun to play the numbers and realize the reality of what it would cost them in increased electricity and cooling to operate their rig from their home.


Datacenterra supports any nineteen-inch, rack-mountable enclosure. They provide the customer with guaranteed up-time, high density capabilities, stable electric rates, and fixed low-cost hosting. They also provide unlimited bandwidth, are GPU and ASIC capable, and offer scaling without infrastructure costs.


It’s time to get serious about your mining operation. Don’t try to mine from your closet. Sign up today and get moving forward and into the future.