What is Mining Colocation?

Mining Colocation (often times miss spelled as “co-location”, collocation, or co location) is the renting or segregation of server rack space for a miners mining Rigs or ASIC colocation hosting location known as data centers. Miner colocation services, Mining colocation hosting and Bitcoin mining colocation servers offer affordable energy rates and high-end security to protect your Cryptocurrency mining hardware and Crypto investments.

To receive a custom-free mining quote for miner colocation hosting services with zero obligation, you may submit a request above for your specific mining, energy usage/fee and security/location requirements.  We will provide you with the best cryptocurrency mining colocation quotes within 12-72 hours.

Bitcoin Mining Colocation
Mining Colocation

Mining Colocation is defined easily. You supply the ASIC miners or GPU mining rigs and our partner data centers prove the needed rack space, Internet bandwidth  and backed up power. Miner colocation pricing is based on a yearly monthly or quarterly time frame.   The actual cost for hosting your miners will depend on how many miner or rigs (rack space) bandwith and power consumption. Most “Mining colocation hosts” offer Antminer specific  packages that accomidate the space, internet and power needs of your ASICS.