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BlockBox AC

BlockBox AC – Air Cooled Mobile Datacenter

The BlockBox AC is among the innovative Bitcoin mining units. It has a full-sized data center’s scale and power. This allows for complete and easy access to the Bitcoin network. This is the first time that a Bitcoin mining unit is easily bought using the petahash-scale.

Important Features

The BlockBox AC is also one of the most powerful and low costing units available for Bitcoin mining. Speeds of up to 7.5 PH/s are available using BitFury’s distinct 16nm ASIC.

This is a full and self-contained mining unit that runs with BitFury’s unique air cooling, all within a marine container of 40 feet in length.

The BlockBox AC was built from the ground up and it is managed around the clock, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, by the expert team of engineers working for BitFury.

The set-up of the The BlockBox AC is also extremely simple. The only thing this unit needs is a power supply suitable for the power and access to the Internet.

Top Benefits

The unit is extremely portable, has high speed, is unique to BitFury, easy to use, provides security, is transparent, and can be upgraded.

Portability: This unit functions as any other unit work, but it is completely self-contained. You can easily move it around where necessary and there are no other purchases or investments needed.

Quick Setup: Once the unit arrives, you can plug it directly into the Bitcoin Blockchain within mere hours.

Unique Design: This unit was built completely to provide ownership of and access to the supreme software and data center offerings by BitFury.

Ease of Use: The unit is completely managed by the expert team of engineers at BitFury.

Secure: Although technical failings are almost impossible, should one occur, the BlockBox is completely supported by the computing power of BitFury.

Transparency: You can see your Bitcoin returns in real-time using the easy-to-follow app and completely secure app.

Upgradability: The unique design of the unit provides complete access to further BitFury technological advancements. You can easily upgrade the unit when new tech is designed and delivered. As such, this unit is meant to progress with the times.